Johnson Park Restoration

Eldridge R. Johnson Park and Cooper Branch Library
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Images of Johnson Park Rehabilitation
by Daniel Coelho Deppen (April 2006)
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Peter Pan Statue Restoration work at Johnson Park Peter Pan Statue
Peter Pan Two Fairies Peter Pan
Figures Peter Pan Statue Bunnies
Pan Peter Pan pan
buddha fountain pool reconstruction Buddha fountain
pool restoration buddha fountain pool reconstruction

Images of Eldridge R. Johnson Park
by Rory (Cal) Maradonna (1980s)

Dancing Goat in Johnson Park Peter Pan Statue Christopher Columbus
Peter Pan with fence Fairies and squirrel library
love birds cc Billy
Billy Bunnies snow bunny
heads Statue Pan Head

The Mosaic Frieze at Cooper Branch Library
by Daniel Coelho Deppen (April 2006)
Cooper Branch Library
This beautiful artwork, situated at the entrance to the Cooper Branch Library, was designed by the D'Ascenzo Studios of Philadelphia in 1916, who also produced the stained glass window with "Nipper" in the Victor tower across the street. (Barnum, 1991)
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Picture of America with columns
"America" Receiving Gifts
Presents from Asia Presents from Europe poets
Gifts from Asia
Gifts from Europe

Johnson Park plan
The Johnson Park Rehabilitation Project is financed by the Camden Redevelopment Agency, the Economic Recovery Board for Camden (ERB), and the State of New Jersey Green Acres Program. The Cooper's Ferry Development Association and Rutgers University are overseeing the project.

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