Johnson Park Restoration

Timeline of Eldridge R. Johnson Park
Camden, New Jersey

Dec. 31, 1915

Camden City Council accepts proposal by Eldridge Johnson to give the City of Camden a Free Library


Construction begins on the Cooper Branch of the Camden Free Public Library.  The project is funded by Eldridge Johnson and donated to Camden City.

April 1918

Construction completed on Cooper Library

May 22, 1919

Dedication of Cooper Branch of the Camden Free Public Library (image, ca. 1922)

May 27, 1920

Camden City Council votes to changes name of Cooper Park to Eldridge R. Johnson Park

Dec. 29, 1921

Eldridge Johnson donates land surrounding Cooper Library for a park.

Spring 1923

New large fountain added to Johnson Park.

July 13, 1923

Construction of wading pools begins in Johnson Park.

Victor Talking Machine - Camden Plant (with Johnson Park and Cooper Branch Library)

Sept. 24, 1926

Dedication of Peter Pan Statue in Johnson Park

Additional statues added:

Billy (1914)  
Dancing Goat (1928)
Pan (1928)
Duck and Turtle (1928)
Frogs (1928)

June 20, 1930

Bronze railing installed around Peter Pan statue

Peter Pan statue in Johnson Park
(image with weathered bronze railing)
RCA meeting at Johnson Park


Johnson Park designated as a State Historic Site


Johnson Park designated as a National Historic Site


Phase I Restoration of Johnson Park (CFDA)


Johnson Park Rehabilitation Project—Phase II (CFDA)

Cooper Branch Library, ca. 1922
Buddha Fountain

Cooper Branch Library, ca. 1922


Buddha Fountain, ca. 1950

For more pictures, visit the Eldridge R. Johnson Park Photo Gallery

Johnson Park plan
The Johnson Park Rehabilitation Project is financed by the Camden Redevelopment Agency, the Economic Recovery Board for Camden (ERB), and the State of New Jersey Green Acres Program. The Cooper's Ferry Development Association and Rutgers University are overseeing the project.

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