Johnson Park Restoration

Links to Camden History Sites

Camden Community Site
The Camden Community Site, 50 Years of Community Building in Camden, seeks to tell the story of Camden, NJ, as written by people who lived it.
All residents of Camden, NJ, past and present are invited to contribute to this site.

Camden County Historical Society
Located on Camden's eastern border with Collingswood, the three-building Camden County Historical Society (CCHS) complex is one of the area's largest public history facilities. CCHS is dedicated to perserving, celebrating and educating the public about the county's richly diverse history.

Eldridge R. Johnson and the Victor Talking Machine Company
History of RCA in Camden. (The David Sarnoff Library, Princeton)

Invincible Cities - Images as a Tool of Discovery
(Camilo Jose Vergara)

"Vergara acknowledges the importance of images to how we understand and give meaning to cities. His main concern is the disinvestment and physical decay that triggered the need for reinvestment. More specifically, he asks his readers to consider how the past and present figure into our understandings of a city in decline and the importance of looking within, rather than without, for the seeds of renewal."
From: Images of Renewal and Decline pdf iconby Robert A. Beauregard

New Jersey Historic Trust
The New Jersey Historic Trust is the only nonprofit historic preservation organization in New Jersey created by State law. The Trust provides financial support, protection and technical assistance.

Rutgers University - Camden
Rutgers University at Camden is a small campus within a large university system. Rutgers-Camden provides its students all the benefits of a small liberal art college and the advantages of a large research university with an international reputation for teaching, research, and service. Our small size enables the faculty to give our students special attention in a comfortable intellectual setting, where they receive excellent preparation for graduate education, professional school, and the workplace.

Johnson Park plan
The Johnson Park Rehabilitation Project is financed by the Camden Redevelopment Agency, the Economic Recovery Board for Camden (ERB), and the State of New Jersey Green Acres Program. The Cooper's Ferry Development Association and Rutgers University are overseeing the project.

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