Johnson Park Restoration

Bibliography of Eldridge R. Johnson Park
Camden, New Jersey


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Journal articles

Sherman, Michael W., Stereo Review, Nov94, Vol. 59 Issue 11, p99, 3p

Special edition. Recording history, includes history of design and manufacture of spring motor by Eldridge R. Johnson.

Newspaper articles and online news

Maialetti, Kim, "Park's Beauty Being Restored: Groups Revitalizing Camden Oasis Created by RCA Founder". Courier Post, November 15, 2000.

Riordan, Kevin, "Plans Blooming to Restore Park to Former Splendor". Courier Post, July 18, 1996.

Riordan, Kevin, "Hoping to Restore Park's Glory Days". Courier Post, January 26, 1996.

Friends of Johnson Park hope to raise $1 million to install new lighting and landscaping, rebuild the fountains.

"Park Statue Long Neglected". Courier Post, March 16, 1960

Includes picture of the Peter Pan statue with the bronze railing and this comment: "Pan's Statue in Johnson Park, executed by famous Brisitsh sculptor Sir George Frampton, once was bronze but now it is green with ravages of weather and lack of care."

"6000 RCA Victor Workers Set Strike Vote Thursday." Courier Post, October 4, 1949.

Six thousand RCA Victor employees will participate in a strike, mass rally of workers held at Johnson Park, Second and Cooper Streets.

"Fred Barnum: The Rock Star Of RCA History"

Over 200 people crammed into the Cherry Hill Library to hear Fred Branum. Sponsored by the Camden County Historical Society, the event drew such a crowd that many attendees were forced to watch the two-hour show from outside the Library Conference Center's corridor doors.
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Eldridge R. Johnson and his Marvelous Talking Machine

For information on Eldridge R. Johnson and his Marvelous Talking Machine, visit this fabulous website

More on the history of the recording industry

Philadelphia Architects and Buildings. Cooper Free Library, includes chronology, references, architects and images. 21April 2006.

Audio/Video files

Listen to the soundtrack of Caruso's recording "Over there" (1918)

Johnson Park plan
The Johnson Park Rehabilitation Project is financed by the Camden Redevelopment Agency, the Economic Recovery Board for Camden (ERB), and the State of New Jersey Green Acres Program. The Cooper's Ferry Development Association and Rutgers University are overseeing the project.

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